The Clean Air storyand the need for innovative new products

Green Island Brands, Inc., makers of Clean Air Brand® automotive odor elimination and air quality products began business in 1993 in Palm Beach Gardens FL. The original name of the company; Enviro Motive Products, reflected the desires of the company founder, Todd C. Marshall to create innovative and effective air care products that were earth friendly.

Products born out of pure necessity

Enclosed Automobile, Truck, RV or Boat air quality; just like indoor air quality is constantly threatened by contaminants like mold, mildew, bacteria, food odors, pet odors, smoke odors and more. These unpleasant bad odors and contaminants become embedded in materials like carpet, cloth and vinyl. Additionally, all the bad stuff and odors that you breath, keep recirculating thru the air conditioning and vents.

The big question was, how do I eliminate odors from my cars air conditioning system?

The Original Clean Air® Duct Freshener was the answer and this product started it all. Up to that point, there were few if any products available directly to the consumer that would easily, effectively and safely clean and freshen a cars air conditioning and vent system. First we developed Clean Air® Duct Freshener with Ease of Application in mind by packaging the product in a simple to use, spray can with clear 3 step instructions.

Effective Long Lasting Odor Elimination and not just a "cover up" was our goal. With help from some of the best professionals in air conditioning, chemistry and air quality fields, a truly new and innovative formula was created. Of course we wanted Clean Air Duct Freshener to be Safe and Earth Friendly and that you can be sure of because of the water based formula and nitrogen propellant which does not harm the atmosphere ( no CFC's )

The next question was, how to get rid of odor in car?

Clean Air® Auto Fogger is the solution to the problem. We realized that traditional car fresheners were just perfumes and overpowering Cover Ups. All the hanging do dads and stuff you put under a car seat were just temporary and never treated Car Smells.

Clean Air® Auto Fogger's unique odor elimination formula neutralizes on contact, all odors on all surfaces inside your Car, Truck, Boat or RV, as well as washing the air of odor causing contaminants. Clean Air's one step fogging odor treatment is super simple and safely eliminates interior odors like no other product, with a penetrating fog that gets into hidden spaces.

2 Innovative Odor Elimination and Air Freshening products...